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Having Trouble In A Tough Economy? Let Successful Life Coaching (SLC) Help You To Create The Life, Career & Business You Want!

A life coach will help you:

  • Improve your Career and Income / Grow Your Business
  • Enhance Relationships - Attract Your Soul Mate
  • Improve Parent-Child RelationshipsWindow of Opportunity
  • Better Your Health and Get In Shape
  • Be Happier and Create Inner Peace
  • Organize Your Life
  • Manage Stress

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Katrina Greene, M.S.W.

Katrina Greene is a Licensed Master of Social Work/Business Consultant/Coach who has been helping individuals and businesses fulfill their dreams with life coaching since 1987. Katrina is a life coach, business coach, career coach, relationship coach, and executive coach with over 20 years of Life Coaching experience.

Mission of the Life Coach

The mission of a life coach is to help individuals, couples and families of all ages realize their potential and goals, achieving them by following a clearly defined plan of action. In this way clients create a healthy, balanced, successful life, career, and/or business. For many years Katrina has done life coaching to assist others in creating meaningful change in their lives, transformation of their current circumstances and awareness of how to manage these areas of life.

  • Over 20 years Life Coaching Experience
  • Licensed Master of Social Work/Psychotherapist
  • Former NYU Faculty Member
  • Received Multiple Honors from A.T.A.S. (Emmy Awards)





Commitment of the Life Coach

Katrina Greene chose the field of life coaching because she genuinely enjoys helping others create what they want in life. Katrina is passionate about life coaching. It is very fulfilling for her as a life coach to see people achieve their dreams and create happier more organized, more enjoyable and successful lives, careers, businesses and income.

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