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Coaching for Seniors


  • Help Seniors achieve their goals
  • Assistance creating a new career
  • Assistance negotiating the medical system
  • Help find and attract a soulmate
  • Help deal with relationship problems and challenges
  • Help handle health challenges
  • Make a plan for changing careers 
  • Create an exercise plan 
  • Improve your food choices 
  • Increase spirituality 
  • Overcome overwork or burn out 
  • Revitalize your business

Coaching for Seniors helps participants define and realize their goals. These may include career choices for part time as well as full time work. Deciding when would be a good time to retire, and what to do with their time if they make that choice. Senior Life Coaching can help them determine if they would like to travel or remain local. Also if their current living situation suits them or they would like to move. Some seniors need medical care or assisted living. Others retire to a 55+ community. Still others choose to stay in their current location or move in with relatives. There are many important choices to be made at this special time of life

In senior coaching we can also discuss if the person would like to enhance a current relationship, attract a new one or remain happily alone. Senior dating is discussed as well as how to meet quality people, where and how to prepare for any new social events. Making sure to get the best and most timely medical care is also an important part of the coaching experience. In that way Seniors can enjoy their home, community, relatives, relationships and leisure time.

As the saying goes, 50 is the new 30. And with the advent of more conscious, healthier eating, living and lifestyle choices people can live a healthy life with many more choices than previously realized. If you are over 55, you may have many options to look forward to. You could be looking at a career change, looking for new work or seeking to revamp your business and business plan. 

In Senior Coaching we help you determine what is important to you and help you make plans to create those new goals.

Client feedback:

“Katrina Greene helped me to start dating in my late 70’s even though I thought I couldn’t or wouldn’t” Sometimes a companion is so nice to have at my age."- Lisa L

“Ms. Greene suggested we find the appropriate medical care and attention to increase my energy by 75%, so where I was homebound before, I am now out every day.” - Charmane D. 

“The coaching I experienced assisted me to find a new calling and mission, which I love, as a senior in my twilight years. Now I help people in my new vocation which I had always wished to do my entire life.”- Rose L.

“She (Katrina Greene) helped me to improve my reationship with my family and children. We discuss issues, make compromises and laugh about things we used to fight about.”- Marty S













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